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workshop formacion completa


“Our body is not only in space, unlike objects; it inhabits and stalks space, it applies itself to space like an instrument hand and when we want to move it, we will not move the body in the same way that we move an object. We transport it without an instrument as if by magic, since it belongs to us and because through it we have direct access to space ”.


For us, the body is much more than an instrument or work tool; it is our means of expressing ourselves to the world, the visible form of our intentions. through our movements, which are most deeply linked to our registers, they help in personal growth and also to shape our perception of things "


Complete training of empty and present, account of two months of processes, twice a week of investigation through the different disciplines that the company develops; body, voice and makeup, in order to provide the greatest amount of tools for the development of your final performances.

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