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imagen de la obra culposos



The company works under 3 lines of action  :

  1. Investigation
    Thorough study, based on true stories developed in a thesis.

  2. Creation
    Immersive montages of collective creation based on stories and true testimonies in unconventional spaces.


  3. Training
    The company opens its “Empty and Present” methodology in training instances in different formats (Workshops, Open Trainings, among others)

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imagen de obra teatro

La Ropa Sucia “se lava en casa” Chilean theater company founded in 2014, composed of different artistic languages (visual arts, performance, theater and technology).

Its objective is to make visible and bring to their maximum expression “taboo” family problems in immersive (participatory) theater format, thus deepening the experience of the spectator, where he is invited not only to reflect on what he sees on stage, but also to experience the work in real time.



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